big k.r.i.t. puts on one of the best live shows i’ve seen.  luckily have had the chance to see him twice thus far.  this dude is bringing the true southern style back into this shit.  swagged the fuck out.  amtrak off his latest mixtape, return of 4 eva.  THIS BEAT BANGS.


I know you hear this train comin’
You best grab your bags
Don’t worry ‘bout your partners and them, just bring yo’ ass
Now let me break it down… before we go
Don’t hold back what the good Lord gave you…
Let it show
Now all aboard for all of those that claim they down to get it
I advise you to exit right now if you ain’t down with it
Really I’m just tryna free yo’ mind from it’s prison
I’ll show you how to get off if you just listen
You’ll never want to leave here if you just visit
Plus ain’t no more cars comin’ and time is tickin’
Yo’ homegirl just aite… I’m kinda picky
But you a boomin’ business
I hope she got a ticket
I know you hear this train comin’

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